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First Muslims-Israel Summit

August 16, 2018

Dear Stakeholder, 

You are cordially invited to the Muslims-Israel Summit to be held on Monday, August 27, 2018 in Midtown Manhattan, New York. 

The Muslim Media Corporation in collaboration with other high-level discussants to the envisioned Muslims-Israel Summit have identified your organization as stakeholder to the summit peaceful conversations that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the United Nations.

Both organizational and individual proponents of peace in the Holy Land would agree with the fact that for the past seventy years, the positive attempts and initiatives to bring peace to the region are not brought onto the world stage. In recent developments, the Muslim Media Corporation has participated in numerous conversations across all the three tracks of diplomacy and has discovered that there are a lot of ideas, suggestions and initiatives to develop a position that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN. For example, the Israeli- Palestine conflicts are entangled in the complex maze of politics before role players like you and your organization can unveil the initiatives that would add value to strategic peaceful engagement and move the region closer to a durable and sustainable ceasefire.

It is for this reason that we identified you as a stakeholder in the Muslims-Israel Summit and crave your indulgence in contributing to the peaceful conversation that will produce a position paper to feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN & OIC.

The program is from 6pm-8pm. We are going to send you a detailed program outline and further details upon receiving your reservation. Please send your RSVP confirmation to or call 718 822 5555.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.




Working Group

Muslims-Israel Summit.




New York City, New York – Gaza is dubbed an open air prison complex with the highest unemployment in the world. Hamas a terrorist organization. Fatah puppet of the West, and Palestinian youth martyrdom trainees. This is all happening right in a land regarded internationally as the “Holy Land” at a religion that pumps more oil than water and receives more visitors than natives.

Against this inhumane and unsustainable condition, we are hosting an historic summit in New York City “Muslims & Israel” on Monday, August 27, 2018, 6:00-8:00 PM to seek a way forward between Muslims and Israel.

The summit is dedicated exclusively to God’s words about Israel, holy land and Jerusalem. No prophetic, scholarly or political quotes shall be allowed. As Abrahamic Family, once we all accept God’s Words, human interests and positions on the holy land can then be connected to God’s commandments/instructions.

So far we have two of the most eminent Muslim scholars on the issues of the holy land confirmed and waiting for their counterparts’ confirmations.  The summit is a secure and high level intellectual forum. RSVP


Dear Muslim Leaders:

You have 57 nations in OIC including 22 Arabs ones. You possess and enjoy more natural resources than others. You numbered close to 2 billion. Your Palestinian families are dying to work for and in Israel every day. You call Palestinian families in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt refugees when in fact artificial borders were created by your invading colonizers to divide and weaken you. Our governments enjoy Israeli technical services and our peoples are becoming Kamikazes just to go to Israel for work and freedom. You maintain power and control of our destitute populations partly by blaming the Jews and Israel for your undemocratic and failed leadership.

Dear Muslim Populous:

If you truly love your Palestinian brothers and sisters, then open your minds and allow understanding and wisdom to guide your feelings and emotions. 70 years of public misleading from our corrupt dictators and biased scholars has been the single most deadly cause of Muslims in the world including Palestinians.  With rational thinking and right attitude on the part of Israel’s neighboring nations, the Holy Land can easily be a peaceful and prosperous homeland for all Israelis and Palestinians, home and abroad. Therefore, we must cease justifying our anti-Semitism and anti-Israel by peddling leftist Jewish groups’ activist tactics. These leftist liberal Jews are a bunch of humanitarian souls fighting for the rights of all peoples regardless of who they are.

Dear citizens of the world:

If you’ve desired a world of peace, love and harmony, let us make the holy land a place of peace, love and harmony. We can’t afford the status quo. The rise of religious extremism and bias attacks have roots in anti-Semitism, anti-Israel and Islamophobia. September 11 tragedy and all post September 11 conflicts are some of those rooted in what is happening in the holy land.  According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every person is entitled to a homeland. So do the 15 million Jews.

In conclusion, If we all love world peace and Palestinians’ dignity, we must all support an independent and secure Jewish State of Israel.  Ones the Muslim leaders formerly welcome a sovereign Jewish nation in OIC, a sovereign Palestinian nation becomes a reality. Thank you!


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Was Fraud Proven?

the 87th Assembly Race


By Robert Press


In the 2013 City Council elections there was a claim of fraud in one district, because one candidate found the signature of Derek Jeter on an opponents petition. There was a challenge to said petition, and it was thought that the entire petition would be thrown out, thus removing the candidate from the ballot. That didn’t happen, and what did occur was that the signatures collected by the person who collected the Derek Jeter signature were thrown out, but the candidate still had more than enough valid signatures to stay on the ballot, and went on to win the election.

However in December of 2015 this candidate declared that they were retiring from the city council (no reason was given, but it was rumored that a deal was made). Was it the fraud that was recorded on the record of the court challenge?

Here we are in 2018, and charges of fraud were included on some specifications of objections. It needs to be noted that the Board of Elections does not rule on fraud, and fraud must be proven in a court of law. A candidate can also be challenged in court when the opposing side fells the Board of Elections does not rule on items which should (according to the Bill of Particulars) invalidate certain signatures thus dropping a candidate below the required number of valid signatures.

All candidates for the open 87th Assembly district had challenges on their petitions at the Board of Elections.  Sergeant John Perez did not challenge any of his opponents at first. It was only after Sergeant Perez’s petition was challenged by someone connected to the Reyes campaign that he filed a challenge to Reyes petition.

The petition of Karines Reyes for 87th A.D. was challenged in court by Sergeant John Perez with a claim of fraud in the petition which the Board of Elections does not rule on. Certain pages were listed in the Bill of Particulars, and the reasons why said listed pages should be knocked off. Again it is very hard to throw an entire petition out if there are still enough valid signatures. The Reyes petition came in with over 3,100 signatures, that would mean over 2,600 signatures would have to be removed in order to knock off the petition.

As the court appointed referee went through the three volumes of the Reyes petition page by page. The referee noted charged fraud items on pages. On one line of a page was the date 6-4 with a line through the date of 6-4 and 7-4 next to it, another appeared to have a 6-1 that seemed to be changed to 6-8. June 5th was the first day to collect signatures. There were accusations of other people collecting signatures prior to June 5th. There were other accusations of improprieties that would knock off the entire pages, but not the entire petition. It should be noted that when Page 102 of Volume BX 1800335 was arrived at there was a different notation on the charges of fraud. The court appointed referee finished the viewing of the three volumes, gathered all her notes, and the two parties the challenger and the defense team for the Reyes petition went into a room to discuss the accusation of fraud.

As to the matter of Page 102 of Volume BX1800335 Sergeant John Perez’s lawyer Ezra Glazer esq. came up with a photo of the page brought in for evidence that the page was collected not on June 25th as the page and all the lines were dated, but instead on June 15th. The photo was clearly dated June 16th 2018, and had been sent to Sergeant John Perez the day after the photo was taken. This photo was admitted to the record after testimony was given by the person who took the photo. The photo contained five signatures and five addresses, but no date in the date column. A second photo dated June 16th and taken on June 15th was entered into the record showing the similar dates and addresses, but no dates in the date column. A third photo dated June 16th and taken on June 15th was brought out and entered into the record after testimony that the man in the photo had collected the five signatures in the first photo, that he was the only person collecting signatures, and that there was no woman with him at the time. Page 102 had fifteen signatures and address, and the date in the date column was June 25th. The subscribing witness statement however was signed not by a man, but by a woman, who was also according to a Board of Election check of her voter registration dated July 18th, was not an enrolled Democrat as is required. The lawyer for the Reyes petition had only one question for the person who took the photo, which was withdrawn after the court appointed referee ask for clarification of the question. That question was asked of me, the person who had taken the photos page 102 in petition Volume BX18000335 of the Karines Reyes petition.

The challenge to the Karines Reyes petition was then withdrawn when it was determined by Sergeant John Perez and his lawyer that while they believed that they had proven fraud for the record on the Reyes petition, the petition still would have enough valid signatures to reach at least the required amount of 500.   In a former assembly race where there were charges of fraud the candidate was allowed to stay on the ballot, but authorities stepped in to have the person wear a wire. What will happen here can not be predicted, but one has to wonder how this incident of petition fraud that went on the record will affect the 87th Assembly Race. One thing that is sure, is that one candidate has to campaign with a tarnished record as the assembly race goes down to the wire.


This article is the opinion of the writer. Parkchester Times welcomes rebuttal from those mentioned in the article, if need be.

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NBCI Answers President Trump’s Comment Concerning Minister Omarosa Manigault Newman

NBCI,The National Black Church Initiative’s 34,000 Church Coalition Answers President Trump’s Comment Concerning Minister Omarosa Manigault Newman No Mr. President -- You Are A Dog!

No Mr. President — You Are A Dog!

We will not let you disrespect the American woman

Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, has had enough of the verbal insults towards African Americans, and women as well as other ethnic groups. We will not stand by and allow the President of the United States to call anybody a dog. The Black Church will always defend anyone, including Minister Omarosa Manigault Newman from being called anything other than a woman, a Christian Minister and a Child of God.

This type of language is morally degrading and reprehensible to the soul of the human spirit. The President’s supporters like to indicate that this President hits back. That he does not allow anyone to insult him or call him out on his name without him returning a verbal nuclear exchange with his opponents. Well, the Black Church has joined the name calling. We are not proud of this, this type of name calling is contrary to our soul and our mission but, we cannot sit by passively and allow the President of the United States to call a Black woman, who served him with dignity and defended him, a dog.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative says, “Irregardless of the political feuds and the legal wrangling that exists between the White House and Mrs. Omarosa Manigault Newman, the Church will not stand for such debasing of any human being. We are not pro-Democrat nor pro-Republican. We are pro the dignity of all men and women especially those who have confessed Christ Jesus. We are tired of this President’s doggish behavior.”

This is the second time that this President has used language so debasing to address another human being that the Church in general, particularly the Black Church is shocked to hear. Remember the President also called Rosie O’Donnell a ‘fat pig’. Trump’s reference to O’Donnell came up after Clinton accused Trump of sexism during the debate, saying, “This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs”.

We are equally ashamed that all the so-called liberal and conservative women’s groups have remained silent, largely because Minister Omarosa Manigault Newman is not popular with either group. This is a clear example of the deep moral hypocrisy of the women’s movement. They only come to the rescue of those who are well liked and espouse the ethics of their particular political ideology. This is not how the Church behaves. We will defend anyone. Those who are low as well as those who are high. As the Scripture states so eloquently, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28, KJV)

We have warned the President in January of this year that if he continued this behavior the Black Church would respond in a press release entitled, “Rev. Anthony Evans, President of The National Black Church Initiative Has Sent Letters To Black, White and Latino Denominations Asking Them To Censor President Trump’s Racist Remarks”. We held back our fury at the behavior of this President and if he can call someone a dog, without any moral ramifications then the Church reserves the moral right to call him a dog.

When we call the President a dog, we are not calling him a dog out of his humanity, we are calling him a dog because he believes that he is the only one that has the authority to say and do anything that he wants. This is unwise, not true and an example of his doggish behavior. The Scripture says, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”(Matthew 7:12, KJV) Matter of fact we love him, and we pray for him on a daily basis. But, when you look at the things he has done since he has taken Office in addition to this incident you can see why we resort to this.

Here is Donald Trump in his own words and actions:

● The separation of over 10,000 children from their families at the border and many of those families have not been reunited as of today. This is the type of doggish behavior that we speak about.

● On illegal immigrants (June): “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the
best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and
they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re
rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re
telling us what we’re getting.”

● On illegal immigrants who are rapists in interview with CNN’s Don Lemon (July): “Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don? I mean, you know, somebody’s doing the raping. Who’s doing the raping?”

● On John McCain’s war record (July): “He’s not a war hero…He’s a war hero because he
was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

● On giving out Lindsey Graham‘ s phone number (July): “He doesn’t seem like a very
bright guy. He actually probably seems to me not as bright as Rick Perry. I think Rick
Perry probably is smarter than Lindsey Graham.”

● On refusing to pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, during first debate
(August): “I will not make the pledge at this time.”

● On Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator (August): “You could see there was blood
coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

● On Carly Fiorina, in a Rolling Stone interview (September): “Look at that face! Would
anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”

● On not challenging anti-Muslim questioner who said he needs to get rid of Muslims
(September): “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things.”

● On blaming George W. Bush for 911 (October): “When you talk about George Bush, I
mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time.”

● On attacking Ben Carson’s faith (October): “I mean, Seventh Day Adventist, I don’t
know about, I just don’t know about.”

● On comparing Ben Carson to a child molester (November): “It’s in the book that he’s got
a pathological temper. That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that … as an
example: child molesting. You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure a child molester.
There’s no cure for it. Pathological, there’s no cure for that.”

● On questioning voters in the first caucus state who were supporting Ben Carson in the
polls (November): “How stupid are the people of Iowa?”

● On falsely recalling “thousands” of people celebrating on 911
(November): “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down, and I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down.”

● On disruptive protestor at Birmingham, Ala. event (November): “Maybe he should have
been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing. I have a lot of
fans, and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy who was a
troublemaker who was looking to make trouble.”

● On not ruling out a database of Muslims in America (November): “We’re going to have to
– we’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely. We’re going to have to look
at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.”

The Black Church is not scared or afraid to defend the moral honor of this Black woman.

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Senator Jose Peralta and Transportation Advocates Call on the NY Senate to Reconvene to Renew and Expand NYC School Zone Speed Camera Program

Senator Jose Peralta and Transportation Advocates Call on the NY Senate to Reconvene to Renew and Expand NYC School Zone Speed Camera Program

The bill (S. 6046-C) now has 35 co-sponsors

East Elmhurst, NY — With more than one million New York City students returning to school on September 5, State Senator Jose Peralta today called on New York State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to reconvene the Senate for a special session to renew and expand the school zone speed camera program. The five-year pilot program, first authorized by the State Legislature in 2013 and expanded one year later, recently expired on July 25. Under this program, 140 cameras were placed near schools within the most dangerous traffic corridors and intersections across the city.

The school zone speed camera program has saved lives. There has been a 63% decline in speeding violations at locations with this speed monitoring technology, resulting in safer streets and an overall decline in traffic-related injuries and deaths.

Due to the tireless work of Senator Peralta, Transportation Alternatives, Families for Safe Streets and countless other advocates, support for this critical legislation only continues to grow. Senator Pamela Helming recently became the 35th co-sponsor of the bill, which has more than enough support to pass the Senate. Co-sponsoring the bill are all 31 members of the State Democratic Conference, along with four Republican Senators, Marty Golden, Pamela Helming, Elaine Phillips and Patty Ritchie. Prior to the Legislative Session concluding in June, the New York City Council approved a required Home Rule Message and the bill was then approved by the Assembly on June 18. Governor Cuomo has pledged to sign the legislation once it passes the Senate.

“Currently, we have 35 co-sponsors on this truly bipartisan bill. We have to stop playing politics with our children’s lives. Who are the grown-ups here? Sadly, Republican leadership refuses to reconvene the Senate to reinstate and expand the life-saving school zone speed camera program. We have three weeks until more than one million children return to school in New York City. Let’s return to Albany, right this wrong and ensure our kids are protected when they go back to school,” said Senator Peralta.

Raul Ampuero, member of Families for Safe Streets, said, “Speed cameras save lives. What more is necessary to know? A State Senate vote to save lives should be the most simple thing to do. It is just one day of travel to Albany, one vote to cast and you will save lives and help prevent the terrible pain of losing a loved one, like I lost my son, Giovanni. This is about our children and our families – the most precious in our lives. Yet for some reason that is beyond comprehension the Republican State Senate leaders have refused to even vote on this. This is inexcusable. They need to do their job and make sure they pass the speed camera bill before kids return to school in September.”

Marco Conner, Legislative & Legal Director, Transportation Alternatives, said, “ This June the State Senate left for vacation without doing its most simple job – protecting New Yorkers and NYC school children. Much worse, they made our streets even more dangerous. On September 5, hundreds of thousands of kids will be without the life-saving protection of speed safety cameras they’ve had for four years. The State Assembly has done its job and passed the bill to renew and expand the cameras. Governor Cuomo is ready to sign the bill. And 35 State Senators, more than a majority, cosponsor the Senate Bill. The Republican State Senate Majority must allow a vote on S.6046C and pass it before kids return to school.”

On August 9, Senator Peralta sent a letter to the Senate Majority Leader urging him to reconvene the Senate. “The safety of New York City school kids should not remain in jeopardy,” wrote Senator Peralta in the missive.

For more than a year now, Senator Peralta has been calling on the State Senate to vote on his bill (S.6046-C) to re-authorize and expand this initiative. Under the proposed bill, 150 speed monitoring devices would be added to the existing 140. The program will be in operation for the next four years. Until July 25, these automated speed enforcement devices had been active beginning one hour before until one hour after a scheduled school day. Additionally, the cameras were in operation from up to 30 minutes prior until 30 minutes following student activities.

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Hizbus salām

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: These are the ones to attain felicity.” Holy Quran 3:104

The Prophet (saws) said: “Do you want me to tell you of what is better than the rank of fasting, prayer and charity?” The Companions said, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah. He said, “Making peace between people among whom there is discord, for the evil of discord is the shaver.”


Dear Peacebuilder,

You are cordially invited to the Muslims-Israel Dialogue Summit to be held on Monday, August 27, 2018 in Midtown Manhattan, New York. 

The Muslim Media Corporation in collaboration with other high-level discussants to the envisioned Muslims-Israel Dialogue Summit have identified your organization as stakeholder to the summit peaceful conversations that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the United Nations.

Both organizational and individual proponents of peace in the Holy Land would agree with the fact that for the past seventy years, the positive attempts and initiatives to bring peace to the region are not brought onto the world stage. In recent developments, the Muslim Media Corporation has participated in numerous conversations across all the three tracks of diplomacy and has discovered that there are a lot of ideas, suggestions and initiatives to develop a position that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN. For example, the Israeli- Palestine conflicts are entangled in the complex maze of politics before role players like you and your organization can unveil the initiatives that would add value to strategic peaceful engagement and move the region closer to a durable and sustainable ceasefire.

It is for this reason that we identified you as a stakeholder in the Muslim-Israel Dialogue Summit and crave your indulgence in contributing to the peaceful conversation that will produce a position paper to feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN & OIC.

The program is from 6pm-8pm. We are going to send you a detailed program outline and further details upon receiving your reservation. Please send your RSVP confirmation to or call 718 822 5555.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Working Group

Muslims-Israel Dialogue Summit.


Remember Moses said to his people: “O my people! Call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you, when He produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. “O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.” Holy Quran 5:20-21.

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International Youth Day: how Nestlé offers economic opportunities to youth in Central & West Africa

International Youth Day: how Nestlé offers economic opportunities to youth in Central & West Africa (Source: Nestlé |

ACCRA, Ghana, August 13, 2018/ — The power of youth, their resourcefulness and ingenuity are strong contributing factors to the development of economies around the world. However, the majority of young people lack economic opportunities, which unfortunately leads to high levels of youth unemployment, underutilized talents and skills.

A publication by the African Development Bank on Jobs for Youth in Africa indicates that “of Africa’s nearly 420 million youth aged 15-35, one-third are unemployed, another third are vulnerably employed and, only one in six is in wage employment”.

The commemoration of International Youth Day on 12 August therefore provides the needed platform to find solutions to these challenges by exploring the opportunities for the development of youth in Africa and the world at large. Under the global theme, “Safe spaces for youth”, this year’s International Youth Day highlights the importance of providing safe physical and digital spaces that harness the full potential and abilities of young people to ensure inclusiveness and to promote development.

The role of Nestlé in providing opportunities for youth in Central and West Africa

As the world’s leading food and beverage company, Nestlé ( believes that communities cannot thrive if they cannot offer a future for younger generations. The company believes that providing youth with the right opportunities helps to create wealth and support the development of communities. In line with its purpose of “enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future”, Nestlé has set an ambition to help 10 million young people around the world have access to economic opportunities by 2030. Under its flagship programme, global Nestlé Needs YOUth Initiative (, the company focuses on entrepreneurship, “agripreneurship”, as well as providing work readiness skills training to young people.

In Central and West Africa, over 500 young people have benefited from the global Nestlé Need YOUth initiative through job fairs, internship opportunities as well as graduate and management trainee programmes as at 2017 alone. In addition, over 4,200 people are now operating their own businesses through the “My Own Business” (MYOWBU) and pushcart initiatives under the Nestlé Professional out-of-home business. Globally last year, the company provided more than 30,000 jobs and 11,000 apprenticeship opportunities to young people under 30.

Lolia Kienka is a 26 years old Nigerian who holds an MSc in International Business. After completing the Management Trainee Program in Nestlé Nigeria, which spans over almost two years, Lolia now holds the position of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Specialist. According to her, “The program is filled with excitement and fast paced learning”. “From hands on experience in field sales to complete brand management immersion, it was one of the most productively tasking and beautifully challenging times in my young career. I currently use the insight, knowledge and skills obtained in my new role,” she added.

For Kristi Olah Molle, Category & Channel Development Executive for Nescafé in Cameroun, Nestlé’s Global Youth Initiative offers so much more than just employment opportunity: “The program provides the right platform for young people to express themselves, learn, take on challenges and assume business responsibilities. My former position of Graduate Trainee helped me better understand and cope with key challenges of the Nescafé category where I find myself now”.

Marilyn Ofori started her career in Nestlé Ghana as a National Service Person in 2009. She has risen through the ranks to become the Category Manager for Beverages overseeing brands such as MILO® and CHOCOLIM®: “The experience gained during my National Service days has shaped me into who I am today and it only took an opportunity to steer the direction of my career. I believe that if more companies join the effort to give opportunities to young people like Nestlé does, it will help bridge the youth unemployment gap and explore talents that could help contribute to business excellence”.

Sourcing more than 70% of its raw materials in the region, farmers play a vital role in Nestlé’s value chain in Central and West Africa. Does agriculture excite the younger generation at all?

It is estimated that less than 5% of farmers worldwide are under 35. To ensure a sustainable and sufficient food supply, more young people need to venture into agriculture. Nestlé is therefore helping to inspire, train and enable the youth to become ‘agripreneurs’ by providing them the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit they need to manage farms profitably. This effort by Nestlé helps ensure that that there is a sustainable and vibrant human resource for the agricultural sector and reduces rural exodus as youth see equally rewarding economic opportunities in countryside living.

Through Nestlé Cocoa Plan and Nescafé Plan, over 10,000 young people from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana receive special training on good agricultural practices. This enables them to work on nurseries to grow coffee and cocoa plantlets with the support of certified Agronomists. In Nigeria alone, there are 59 young volunteers also participating in the Nestlé Cereals Plan & Feed the Future Maize Quality Improvement Project where they are trained on mitigating contaminants during planting with safe handling of seeds and pesticides. The technical skills gained through the project increase the chances that these young people earn a good living through agribusiness.

Rémy Ejel, Market Head of Nestlé Central and West Africa (CWA) said that the company wants to equip youth with the needed skills and offer them the right opportunities for their development. “By providing, growing and harnessing talents of young people, Nestlé can successfully contribute to building sustainable communities and spur economic growth. This is one of the concrete ways Nestlé creates shared value for the company and for the society”.

Nestlé CWA youth initiatives contribute to the attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 8 and 11: Zero hunger; Good health & wellbeing; Decent work and economic growth; as well as Sustainable cities and communities respectively.

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The Arms Trade in The Horn of Africa

LONDON, United Kingdom, August 13, 2018/ — EXX Africa published a special report on the arms trade in the Horn of Africa. The trade of illegal weapons in the Horn of Africa remains highly lucrative and is comprehensively entwined with transnational terrorist groups, drug smuggling, and the conflict in nearby Yemen. The focus of the regional arms trade remains volatile Somalia and its semi-autonomous regions where demand for weapons remains unabated despite various embargoes and other sanctions.

Over the past few years, Djibouti has emerged as an increasingly important hub for weapons trans-shipment to armed groups in the region. There is growing evidence that Djibouti is acting as a strategic transit location for weapons derived from Houthi-held territory in Yemen, which it then ships to the Awdal region of northern Somalia through its peacekeeping deployment in the AMISOM mission.

Djibouti’s enhanced role in regional arms trafficking is occurring at the same time as the country’s government is seeking fresh foreign investment in its important marine port sector and related industries. Many Djiboutian companies that are engaged in the country’s thriving marine sector have been implicated in the illegal weapons trade, raising reputational risks for foreign investors seeking to participate in Djibouti’s economy. The proliferation of weapons in Djibouti is also raising concerns over armed criminal activity and rising risk of terrorist attacks in a location frequented by foreign military personnel.

However, none of Djibouti’s international partners are willing to flag such risks, fearing the potential loss of their leases on strategically important military bases in the country. One local source described the arms trade in the Gulf of Aden as a ‘political mess that most western nations do not want to wade into.’ Despite evidence implicating senior Djiboutian officials in the arms trade, there has been no concerted effort to impose punitive sanctions on these individuals.

Djibouti’s role in regional arms trafficking is set to grow even further as old foes Eritrea and Ethiopia seek to agree a lasting peace that will have significant ripple effects on the arms trade supply chain in the Horn of Africa. Armed groups in Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Sudans, as well as al-Shabaab, have long relied on Eritrea to supply weapons. As Eritrea seeks rapprochement with Ethiopia and a return to the international community, its role of arms trafficking hub will become significantly diminished.

Djibouti, which favours a weak Somalia and an isolated Eritrea, is likely to step into the gap and leverage its existing arms trafficking networks to continue to supply illegal weapons to armed groups in the Horn of Africa as Eritrea potentially steps out of the trade. Since seizing control of the Doraleh port terminal, the Djiboutian government seems to be preparing to increase shipments through the country’s main port. However, most shipments of illegal weapons through Djibouti will continue to be done by smaller dhows via the fishing communities on the south-east coast and via the Garacad port project.

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Ebola Vaccination Begins in North Kivu

Ebola Vaccination Begins in North Kivu

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo (Republic of the), August 10, 2018/ — The Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo today announced the launch of Ebola vaccinations for high risk populations in North Kivu province.

The vaccinations have begun just one week after the announcement of a second outbreak of Ebola this year in the country. A total of 44 cases have been reported so far, of which 17 have been confirmed.

Work has begun to prepare ring vaccination in the Mangina health area, 30km from the town of Beni.

The provincial health minister and the provincial coordinator of the Expanded Programme on Immunization were the first to be vaccinated. They were followed by first line health workers from the Mangina health centre, who had been in contact with people who were confirmed cases of Ebola.

“Vaccines are an important tool in the fight against Ebola. This is why it has been a priority to move them rapidly into place to begin protecting our health workers and the affected population,” said Dr Oly Ilunga, Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A total of 3,220 doses of the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine are currently available in the country, while supplementary doses have been requested. While the vaccine goes through the licensing process, an agreement between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Merck, the developer of the vaccine, ensures that additional investigational doses of the vaccine are available.

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has once again demonstrated strong leadership in its early response to this outbreak,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). “Ebola is aggressive. We must respond more aggressively. Beginning the vaccination so quickly is a key early step.”

WHO has provided logistical support for the establishment of the cold chain and sent supplies needed for the vaccinations, in addition to supporting the negotiation of protocols with the manufacturer and national authorities, and supporting the deployment of vaccination experts from Guinea to work alongside national staff, who began the vaccination.

“We are proud of the regional solidarity demonstrated by the vaccination efforts, and confident that the strong capacity of the African region will once again be demonstrated during the response to this outbreak,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

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3 in 4 young adults in Uganda experienced some form of violence during their childhood

Hon. Hajat Janat Mukwaya, Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development

BUIKWE, Uganda, August 10, 2018/ — Three in four young adults in Uganda have experienced some form of violence during their childhood, according to Uganda’s first ever Violence Against Children Survey, launched today by the Government of Uganda and its partners.

The Uganda Violence Against Children (VAC) Survey provides nationally representative data on the prevalence, nature and consequences of physical, emotional and sexual violence against children in Uganda, and provides sub-national estimates of violence against children.

“This survey brings to light the widespread nature and problem of violence against children in the country,” said Hon. Hajat Janat Mukwaya, Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

“The findings provide crucial evidence that will help guide the Government in our policy and programme decisions to better prevent and respond to violence against children across the country in the future.”

Some of the key findings from the survey include:

General findings:

3 in 4 young adults experienced some form of violence during childhood
1 in 3 young adults experienced at least two forms of violence – of either sexual, physical and emotional violence – during childhood
Half of all 18-24 year old Ugandans believe it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife

Sexual Violence

Among 18-24 year olds, 1 in 3 females (35%) and one in six males (17%) experienced sexual abuse during their childhood
1 in 4 young adults who experienced sexual abuse during childhood first experienced it at the age of 13 or younger
Children who suffered sexual abuse experienced higher mental distress than children who didn’t

Physical Violence

The majority of young adults – 6 in 10 females (59%) and 7 in 10 males (68%) – experienced physical violence during their childhood, with nearly half experiencing it at the hands of parents or adult caregivers
Among those who were subjected to physical violence by an adult, their first experience was nearly always committed by a teacher (94% for females and 86% for males)
1 in 4 children missed school after experiencing physical violence

Emotional Violence

Among 18-24 year olds, 1 in 3 experienced some form of emotional or verbal violence during their childhood
The most common perpetrator of emotional or verbal violence was a child’s mother or stepmother (41% for females and 35% for males)
Children who experience emotional violence were more likely to think of killing themselves than those who didn’t

The survey further highlights that violence against children occurs at all levels of Ugandan society – in homes, schools and communities, among other places – with survivors suffering negative physical, mental, social and cognitive consequences.

It also stresses that children who experience violence are more likely to become perpetrators of violence against children themselves in the future, fueling an inter-generational cycle of violence in the decades to come.

“The findings of this survey make it shockingly clear – Ugandan children commonly experience violence, which often harms their development and, in some instances, devastates their lives,” said Dr. Doreen Mulenga, UNICEF’s Representative to Uganda.

“This situation must therefore serve as a call to action to all people who influence children across Uganda – especially those responsible for nurturing them, such as parents and teachers – to change their attitudes from tolerating and committing violence against children to rejecting it and holding all of those who perpetrate it accountable.”

The survey was conducted by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development with support from AfriChild Centre for Excellence, ChildFund, PEPFAR, Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Uganda (TPO), Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), USAID, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UNICEF.

Uganda is the latest among several countries such as Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Cambodia, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia, Laos, Rwanda, Botswana, Honduras and El Salvador, that have completed data collection for similar Violence Against Children Surveys.

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Peace Corps Swearing-In Ceremony

LILONGWE, Malawi, August 10, 2018/ — Peace Corps Swearing-In Ceremony:

It is my pleasure to welcome you all here today for the official swearing-in ceremony of 61 Americans as Peace Corps Volunteers. Tomorrow they formally begin their Peace Corps service with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Department of Forestry. I am honored to present these individuals to our distinguished guests today as some of the most passionate and creative people the United States has to offer.

I would like to acknowledge my appreciation to the Honorable Minister of Education, Science, and Technology for joining us today at this special ceremony. Thank you for your continual support of Peace Corps Volunteers who teach English in Community day Secondary Schools in Malawi.

I also give my sincere appreciation to TA Chilowamatambe and all his Chiefs for welcoming these Trainees into their villages. I would like to also thank all of the families who have hosted our Trainees. You have been of essential help in their training, and they will always remember you as their Malawian parents, brothers, and sisters. Mwagwira ntchito yabwino!

I would also like to express my appreciation to Peace Corps Malawi’s training team—you have put in long hours and weekends away from your own families in order to prepare this group to serve in rural communities for the next two years. You have started a ripple that will positively affect so many people around this country—many of them the most vulnerable and the most in need of our efforts.

Lastly, I would like to thank our partners in the Government of Malawi for their continued collaboration with Peace Corps. For over 50 years, you have given the staff and Volunteers of Peace Corps the support and they need to be successful in their work. We look forward to many more years of collaboration between the United States and Malawi.

As many of you know, Peace Corps Volunteers give full expression to the noble tradition of service. They live and work in rural villages for two years, speaking the language of their neighbors. They participate in the lives and traditions of their communities. They work hand-in-hand with their community members to address challenges in the community.

As a result of these Volunteers’ work, secondary school students will greatly improve their ability to speak English, allowing them to excel academically in all subject matters. Youth around Malawi will learn ways to keep themselves safe from HIV. Mothers will learn how to prevent malaria from harming their or their children’s lives. Families will plant gardens that provide nutritious produce year-round; and communities will plant trees together to tackle deforestation.

But Peace Corps Volunteers will not do any of this work on their own. Peace Corps is about partnership and collaboration. Volunteers will be inspired to meet the hardworking people that are already in the communities where they will live. So, to our soon-to-be Volunteers, let me tell you about some of the people that my team has met in Malawi.

There is a women’s group in Machinga called the Budala Women’s Group. They dreamt of being able to afford school fees and clothing for their children, and they were determined to be financially independent. The women began by planting trees in order to start a firewood business in their village. They had the motivation, they were hard working, and they were ready to organize. Though their efforts didn’t bring them wealth, they did start to make a little money…enough to buy more tree seeds and saplings.

It was during this time that they received their first Peace Corps Volunteer. What he found was a group of women ready to make the lives of their families better, so he shared with them his knowledge of bee-keeping. In a few years they had hundreds of beehives, all producing honey that they sell to this day.

After that Volunteer left, another took his place. She taught the women how to bake cakes, make peanut butter and moringa powder. The Volunteer after she showed them how to find and write grants.

Budala Women’s Group has now built a nursery school, two fish ponds, and has established several fruit tree forests. They make sustainable charcoal, tend their beehives, and have built an irrigation system that allows them to grow food all year round.

Now, their children have school fees, they have enough money for food, and they are financially independent women. The Peace Corps Volunteers did not need to motivate these women; they were already willing and ready to work. All they needed was the information on how they could channel their hard work into a better future for their families, and that’s where Peace Corps comes in. You have the education and the training. You’re now ready to use that privilege in service to others.

Though Budala Women’s Group had their last Peace Corps Volunteer years ago, they still remember each American. These were the people who dedicated two years of their lives to live among them. They will always be remembered as the Americans who learned their language, respected their culture, and became a part of their community.

This is not a unique story. It seems like everywhere I go, I meet a Malawian who was taught by a Peace Corps Volunteer or attended a camp that a Volunteer once hosted. This is evidence that the reach of Peace Corps is far and wide. For many Malawians, the interactions they have with their local Volunteer will be the only ones they will ever have with an American. I am proud that the group standing before me today will be representing their country in such a meaningful way.

To the soon-to-be Volunteers, I would like to extend my congratulations for successfully completing your Pre-Service Training. I know it has not been easy, but it has laid the foundation for the rest of your work in this country. Serving as Volunteer is a life changing experience. Soon you will move to your new communities across Malawi.

The oath you are about to take is an important one. Beginning with George Washington, every president of the United States has sworn to the same words. It is also the same oath that I made as a Foreign Service officer. And in taking this oath, you will join the proud tradition that Peace Corps has had for the past fifty-seven years; promoting world peace and friendship through grassroots development and cross-cultural exchange.

Your presence and work here is important, and I wish you the best of luck. Zikomo kwambiri, thank you very much.