Celebrating first decade of Peace December movement this year



On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, everything had changed and it was expected to get far worst.  We knew then our government would not spare a penny or military soul in the pursuit of preventing a repeat, justifiably. But we also knew the reaction would quickly morphed into overreaction concentrated on military, intelligent and law enforcement operations with all means necessary.

Days after World Trade Center attacks at the moment of a unified global anger, pain, scare and confusion, we knew our administration would have less restricted access to military operations, political oppositions and critical media resistance. Another word, 9/11 terrorism had provided the administration the license it needed to do whatever it wished to do, to whomever it wanted to do it, and from wherever it wanted to do it, justifiable or not. So as anger quickly built up against Muslims and Arabs, more young and angry America men and women had enlisted to fight for the first time as true patriots.  It also caused the public to become less hesitant for war, our intellectuals were less critical of war preparations, and the mainstream media saturated their programming with pro-war pundits, military operations experts whilte at the same time weapons industry lobbyists were given free reign to preached wider global conflicts using 9/11 as pretext. 

In the face of this glaringly shocking terrorism when we were at the height of justifiable anger, we’ve decided to permanently root out or lessen the real drive for terrorism, hatred. So after studying the root cause of national and transnational terrorism and it various components post September 11 attacks, we were able to launch or had joined several peaceful coexistence initiatives that we deemed had far better chances of eradicating such phenomenon than mighty military operations in the long term.  We believed that if hate is the drive, love is the solution, not actions that push for more hatred.  In the short term, military operations may bring temporal solutions, but they are nonetheless bound to cause more and avoidable hatred, deaths and destructions in the long term. The world is in need of more love, peace and justice almost two decades post 9/11 and that is the shoe Peace December movement is atempting to fill.