Bring Amazon to the Bronx Where It Belong

Bring Amazon to the Bronx Where It Belong
Bring Amazon to the Bronx where it belong.



Dear Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio,

Thank you for bringing Amazon to the Big Apple. The only mistake you’ve made was not choosing the God’s County, but it’s not too late. 

If Queens Politicians are too deep in their Pre-Lucy Caves in Africa, the enlighten Bronxites are stretching their welcoming hands for Amazon in the Bronx. May be those Queens Politicians have mistaken the ecommerce with the jungle, so let them continue to be terrified in believing the Amazon Jungle is coming to their Queens.

Unfortunately what these extortionist politicians started as a usual Mafioso shakedown known to all successful Big Apple entrepreneurs, has morphed into the familiar movement of clueless New Yorkers ever-ready to be activated by special interest groups.  Big Apple is home to ambulance chasers, slip and fall actors, and couch potatoes who dream of being rich through bogus lawsuits and state-sponsored rabbories called Lottery. So Amazan is now learning the jump ropes of ‘Doing Business in the Big Apple’.  

All these protests shall die out when the ‘Community Benefits Pie’ divvy-up is finalized. Thank you! #bronxamazon #ilovethebronx