With All Its Sins and Shortcomings, It's Still The Best Nation

With All Its Sins and Shortcomings, It's Still The Best Nation
This flag proudly represents a diverse union

At times, our anger, frustrations and hopelessness about this union are more than justified. There are many laws, actions and attitudes we wish we could do away with. Certainly having weapons in the hands of wrong citizens is one of them.

Yet, with all its sins and shortcomings, United States of America is still the best system of government in the world. A government run by children of refugees, asylum seekers, those with poverty-stricken backgrounds, and folks whose families were not even allowed entrances to public places. A government with no kings, queens, royalties or untouchable religious, political, or military leaders. A government that is run by ordinary citizens without any historical entitlement to power. A government no one is above it or below it. A government not afraid of religion or prefers one above others. A government with complete separate and equal branches of powers. A government that inspires and supports innovation and success. A government that makes it possible for international impoverished immigrants whose children end up leading its economic & political affairs continuously.

So with good education, hard-word, honest living and patriotism, this union becomes second to none. Although it has always been a work in progress towards a more perfect union, thank God the union endured and became the best nation on earth. Long Live the Union!


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