US coronavirus death occurs every minute, total surpasses 150,000

US coronavirus death occurs every minute, total surpasses 150,000

The United States on Wednesday 29th July, 2020, recorded at least one death about every minute from COVID-19 while the national death toll surpassed 150,000.

A news media reported that more than 1,400 people died in the US on Wednesday as a result of the coronavirus complications, making it the second highest after the 1,484 death toll on 27th May, 2020.

The fastest rate of death toll within two months in the US has seen many people lose their lives to COVID-19, and this has continued to increase by 10,000 in the past 11 days.

Nationally, COVID-19 deaths have risen for three weeks in a row while the number of new cases week-over-week recently fell for the first time since June.

Arizona, California, Florida and Texas recorded a spike in infections this month, resulting in overwhelming the hospitals.

Many states in the US have made a U-turn on their earlier decision to reopen economies after recently recording increasing cases.

Economies have been adversely affected by the lockdowns including restrictions between March and April in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Texas with 4,300 deaths, Florida with 2,900 and California, the most populous state with 2,700 top the death toll list of states respectively.

Texas, taking the lead in the nation so far this month, has a backlog figure of hundreds of deaths after the state changed the way it counted COVID-19 deaths.

While deaths have rapidly risen in July in three states, New York and New Jersey still lead the nation in the total lives lost and for deaths per capita.

The United States ranks sixth for deaths per capita and surpasses the death tolls in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Peru and Chile. 

With the rate of 45 fatalities per 100,000, the United States tops the rank list of 20 countries with the biggest outbreaks worldwide.