A Healthy Lifestyle Revolution

By Sheikh Musa Drammeh

In 2010, my fellow community organizers and I decided that since public safety is a prerequisite to socioeconomic progress, we spend our energy, resources, talent and commitment for grassroots crime prevention. We recruited leaders in government, law enforcement, religious, education and community activism to collectively launch a residents-driven public safety initiative called New York Peace Coalition. And on December 1, 2010 Peace December movement was inaugurated in the presence of hundreds of leaders at the Bronx County Building Rotunda. Ten years later, not only is Peace December the most recognized grassroots Peacebuilding movement locally, but has also been adopted by well over 20 countries globally.

In the last quarter of 2019, we decided to imitate the success of our Peacebuilding movement in the domain of public health. On Tuesday, October 1, 2019 on the steps of City Hall in New York, Lifestyle Lifespan, a healthy lifestyle revolution, was formally launched. In the next 10 years, we will vigorously promote a healthy lifestyle in New York and beyond. Just like public safety, socioeconomic progress is impossible in the absence of public health. Healthy lifestyle will be incorporated into all school curricula, public and private. It will be a part of religious sermons and services. It will be a legislative priority for all government levels; namely federal, state and municipality. It will be a part of our entertainment industry. Since the number one personal bankruptcy filing is medical bills, we will make healthy lifestyle mandatory for all public health funding. We will help change habits and diets at personal and public level. Finally, if you know us well, then you know we will do as promised. Thank you!

To join these movements, please call 718-822-5555.