This is what you call White justice- no justice.

This is what you call White justice- no justice.
Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Picture credit:

Washington, D.C. – The National Black Church Initiative, a coalition of 34,000 plus 116,000 Black churches, says that the decision to fire Daniel Pantaleo is too late to satisfy those of us who seek justice and equal justice under the law. How can this be fair? It took six years, two different justice departments, two presidents, a mayor, and a dysfunctional police department to come to the conclusion that a White man who chocked a Black man to death on video tape should, at least, be fired.

New York City Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill referred to Daniel Pantaleo as a good man. He is an evil man. If any police department hires Daniel Pantaleo, they will receive the full moral force of 150,000 Black churches.

This is crazy. Does the public truly believe that the Black community is satisfied with this immoral, unethical decision? Let’s be clear that a Black man was choked to death by a police officer and it took six years to fire him, not put him in jail for murder.

The Reverend Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative, says, “Daniel Pantaleo, in the eyes of the church, is a stone-cold murder and should have gone to jail the next day. The church has no mercy for him. This is what you call White immoral justice. The church, who is supposed to be an impartial player finds itself in a theological paradoxical position of advocating that fairness did not exist in this case at all. Moreover, that White folks want us to believe that this is fair, if you’re willing to wait six, eight, or even ten years to get it.

“Let us be clear, the black church morally condemns Daniel Pantaleo, Staten Island Fraternal Order of Police, the Mayor of New York, the Police Chief, and Lizzy Adonis for their gross human incompetence as a human being - I cannot breathe.”