The Most Worthy Cause For Investment: Saving Lives

The Most Worthy Cause For Investment: Saving Lives
Senegambia Medical Center. Picture is from:San Miguel Times

New York City, New York (4/24/19) –The most valuable contribution in the world is saving a life, all lives. Unfortunately, modern medicine and medical facilities are none existent in some part of the world to this date.  As a result, manageable chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and others are death sentences to patients who live in those places. 

Often times fake, expired or wrong medicines are purchased in black markets or from criminal networking smugglers. Family doctors, pain management and heath care prevention are unheard of in such places. Because of this, avoidable high maternal and infant mortality become sadly a reality. 

Such a place is where most of my family and thousands of their compatriots still call home. They never had a hospital, medical center, clinic or pharmacy. Therefore any disease, sickness or bodily harm that can’t be cured by traditional healing and herbs will remain untreated until the eventual death of the victims. Communicable diseases and insanitary waters have unnecessarily been claiming precious lives by the thousands. Surgery is a luxury that a very few residents can afford or have means of travelling long distance to get it in time. 

Because of this dire condition, we’ve launched a global fundraising campaign to help build the first medical center (Senegambia Medical Center) in Keur Matar Fatou, a holy village in Sine Saloum, Senegal, by the borderline of Gambia. 

The Goal:
We must raise $700,000 to build the medical center, and donations of money, equipment, medicine, furniture, computers and all other medically related resources are highly appreciated. Whether they are new or used! 

Donations are tax deductable to the extend of the law. No amount is too small or big and 100% of the donations go to the planned Senegambia Medical Center without deducting any administrative expenses. 

For all questions and donations, please contact us at: or 718-822-5555.  #senegambiamediacenter


Thank you,

Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Chairman, Adopt-A-Friend, Inc