Dear fellow community organizers,

Please be cognizant of the fact that education is the most powerful tool of socioeconomic freedom, independence and intergenerational transformation. We must therefore spend most of our organizing energy, talent, time and resources transforming our public schools. We must work with parents and educators to improve the quality of educational environment, parental responsibility and instructional competency. We must hold all educational stakeholders responsible and accountable. The power of education and its transformative ability can best be manifested in how Japan, South Korea and Israel could come from humble economic backgrounds, wars and political instability to be among the world’s top 10 most innovative nations, thereby increasing their respective GDPs tremendously.  

Against the backdrop of the aforementioned examples, we know that nothing, absolutely nothing can transform the Bronx like education, especially in areas like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We coupled these subjects with peace, cultural competency and unified patriotism, the Bronx would be one of the most affluent counties in the nation. This is why we’ve developed STEMDUP Curriculum. “Make it safe to make it successful.” #stemdupera #stemdupacademy #stemdupschools #stemdup


Sheikh Musa Drammeh