Saleh Murder: Bangladeshi American Community in New York holds protest, demands justice

Saleh Murder: Bangladeshi American Community in New York holds protest, demands justice

The Bangladeshi American Community has protested the gruesome murder of the Founder of Gokada, Fahim Saleh. 

The demonstration was held in front of 265 E Houston Street to demand justice for Saleh and seek the upgrade of charges from second degree to first degree murder for the accused. 

While commenting about the demonstration on Wednesday July 22, 2020, the President of Strong Women’s Community Empowerment. Monica Haque, expressed her sadness over Saleh's death. 

In her address, she explained that the reason the protest was organized in front of Fahim Saleh’s house located in Manhattan.

Haque lamented that the community was silent about the gruesome killing. 

"Fahim Saleh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ride-hailing company Gokada, is dead. 

"Saleh’s dismembered and decapitated remains were found in his luxury condo, which is heart breaking as he is our brother from another mother," Haque said.         

She stated that the 33-year-old technology entrepreneur was murdered by assailants who scattered his body parts in different locations within the apartment.


According to homicide detectives, his torso, head, limbs and electrical saw were found in separate places in his apartment.

The electric saw was still plugged into an electrical outlet when the police arrived.

Haque stated in her address that Saleh was killed by Tyrese Haspil, 21 who handled his finances and personal matters, 

She explained that SWCE, INC decided to demonstrate because Saleh died of multiple stab wounds authorities described as a second degree murder which is not tolerable at all

The demonstration was to prove that it is a First Degree murder and the killer, Tyrese Haspil, deserves the highest penalty.

"We have therefore decided to do a demonstration in front of Fahim Saleh’s House at 265 E Houston Street, NY, lower Manhattan to demand justice for Saleh" she concluded.