Public Charity Boxes

Public Charity Boxes

By: Community Public Safety Partnership

It is with a great deal of excitement that we inform you of the continued generous contributions of the Arab Business Owners. They have been the most committed and generous partners in helping our youths to achieve lofty dreams and avoid the trappings of lawless lifestyle. In their stores and bodegas, you will find public donations boxes raising money to support crime and violence prevention programs of Community Public Safety Partnership.

In addition to these boxes placed in their business establishments, they also hold Community Peace Dinners where former gang members, formerly incarcerated, and those searching for employment and their lives’ purposes gather to exchange helpful information and learn about each other. They have financially sponsored all weekly Community Peace Dinners since last year. These local small business owners are your ideal neighbors who give back to improve the quality of life where they operate. They are generous to the customers and considerate to those in difficult financial times.

Please support them as they support our youths. If there is no Charity Boxes in your local bodega give us the address ( so we can have the boxes there. Poverty, crime and violence aren’t inevitable in the Bronx and together we can prevent them. We need all Bronx residents, entrepreneurs and services providers to join us in our mission of transforming the Bronx. The Dominican Bodegas Association of America is also joining their Arab counterparts in having their businesses equipped with public donations boxes.

Community Public Safety Partnership has innovative preventive programs to eliminate poverty and violent crimes in the Bronx. Community Public Safety Partnership membership is open and free to all Bronx-based organizations and programs. It’s in the process of building a Bronxwide App to streamline Bronx Services delivery.

You can learn about these programs by attending our monthly public meeting on the second Wednesdays from 6-8 pm at Lincoln Hospital. Thank you!