Peacebuilding is a Calling Not a Profession

Peacebuilding is a Calling Not a Profession
First decade of Peace December

As we head to our tenth (10) year anniversary with Peace December, I wanted to share our peacebuilding commitment as encouragement. 

To us, peacebuilding is a noblest cause. It preserves lives, fortunes and dignity of all. It honors the environment and all its inhabitants.  It removes selfishness, ego, pride and belligerence out of us. It humanizes others and helps us create neighborliness. It allows us to sympathize and empathize with others.  It eliminates ‘us’ verses ‘them’. It sustains public safety and quality of life. It emphasizes our common roots and shared destiny. It levels playing fields and enriched our life experiences. It gives us hope and allow us to dream big. It softens life’s knockdowns and helps us to humbly manage our privileges, positions and powers. It makes us realize the beauty of life and helps us live it to the fullest. Etc.

Peacebuilding is about nurturing relationships, resolving conflicts, empathizing with others, giving hope to those experiencing difficulties, insisting on blind justice, promoting fair interpersonal dealings, mentoring the young and less educated, and doing unto others as you would want done unto you. 

Finally, the quick lesson to learn is that you cannot pay people to be peacemakers, rather find peacemakers and support their efforts, commitment and sacrifices for peacebuilding in their environs. Because people don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives and fortunes for causes dear to them, whereas paid peacemakers must be paid for their services. 

If you see the necessity of peacebuilding as we do, please join the movement so we can make neighborliness and peaceful existence a reality everywhere.

Peace December