Peace Lighting Day

Peace Lighting Day


We need the First Decade of Peace December Proclamations from all of our elected officials. What a milestone!

Bronx, New York, Friday, November 1, 2019 ---In the midst of global political chaos, heighten religious extremism, widening socioeconomic gaps, increasing hateful violence, persistent domestic abuses, and growing youth participation to gang activities and violent lifestyles, comes the interrupter, the Peace Month.

According to Global Peace Index, we spent over $14 trillion in global conflicts. The United States Defense Budget alone is reaching a trillion dollars, yet there are vigorous, endless debates about cutting health care and retirement benefits, In addition to falling short on expenditures in vital services such as education, public safety, quality of life, etc…

Since the inception of Peace December concept ten years ago, twenty two nations and growing have adopted December as the Peace Month and November 30th as International Peace Lighting Day. We know that hate and violence aren’t inevitable!

Observing one month of peace in the year is not enough but all journeys start with a first step.

For this reason, we cordially invite you to join the 10TH annual lighting of 193 peace candles representing each member of the United Nations, followed by our collective commitment to observe December as the Peace Month. Thank you.

ASSIGNMENT: Attendees, please bring flameless candle (s) and flag of your countries of origin with you, and if you have cultural/traditional attire, please wear them for the beauty of diversity.

Our motto: Love is natural. Hate is learned. Peaceful Coexistence must be universal.




On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, everything had changed and it was expected to get far worst.  We knew then our government would not justifiably spare a penny or military soul in the pursuit of preventing a repeat. But we also knew the reaction would quickly morphed into overreaction that’s concentrated on military, intelligent and law enforcement operations with all means necessary. Days after World Trade Center attacks at the moment of a unified global anger, pain, fear and confusion, we knew our administration would have less restricted access to military operations, political oppositions and critical media resistance. In other words, 9/11 terrorism had provided the administration the license it needed to do whatever it wished to do, to whomever it wanted to do it, and from wherever it wanted to do it, justifiable or not. So as anger quickly built up against Muslims and Arabs, more young and angry American men and women had enlisted to fight for the first time as true patriots.  It also caused the public to become less hesitant for war, our intellectuals were less critical of war preparations, and the mainstream media saturated their programming with pro-war pundits. Military operation experts and weapons industry lobbyists were given free rein to preached wider global conflicts using 9/11 as pretext.

In the face of this glaringly shocking terrorism when we are at the height of justifiable anger, we’ve chosen to permanently rule out or lessen the real drive for terrorism, hatred. So after studying the root cause of national and transnational terrorism and its various components post September 11 attacks, we were able to launch and/or joined several peaceful coexistence initiatives that we deemed to have far better chances of eradicating such phenomenon than the mighty military operations in the long term.  We believed that if hate is the drive, love is the solution, not actions that elevate additional hatred.  In the short term, military operations may bring temporal solutions, but they are nonetheless bound to cause further and avoidable hatred, deaths and destructions in the long term.

Peace December is a far better solution to hateful ideology and the prevention of hate crimes. We must not fight hate with increased hatred. We must fight hate by observing Peace December, a month long facilitator of peace activities.  

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