Peace December 2018

Peace December 2018

Dear friends and fellow Peacemakers,

Thank you all for making our 9th International Peace Lighting Day a memorable one. Together, we can repel and purge hate and violence from within our one diverse human family. Love is natural. Hate is learned. Peaceful Coexistence must be universal. 

We are persistent and consistent in peacebuilding albeit challenges and limited resources. Next year, by the permission of the Creator, we will celebrate our first decade in a massive way globally. 

We’re very grateful to Honorable Fernando Cabrera, New York City Council and sponsor of Peace December, who offered to sponsor a piece of City Council legislature making November 30th ‘International Peace Lighting Day’ in New York in commemoration of the 10th year anniversary. 

As we blissfully have entered Peace December 2018 today, we wish you all a happy, peaceful and loving month. May the noble objectives of Peace December be with you throughout the month and beyond!

Please visit to see some of our recommended actions during the month. Obviously the list is not exhaustive. You can also support Peace December by ordering “Peace December Speaks” online with minimum of $25 donation.  Thank you so much. Let’s Peace It Together! #peacedecember