New Yorkers For Amazon Letter To Mr. Jeff Bezos

New Yorkers For Amazon Letter To Mr. Jeff Bezos
Resilient New York City is home to Amazon. Picture Credit: WTC


What: Press Conference

When: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM

Venue: Steps of City Hall

Reason: Bring Amazon Home

Guests: Elected Officials, Community leaders, clergy, and others

Public: Cordially invited!

Contact: 718-822-5555



Hon. Jeff Bezos



Re: To Reconsider


Dear Mr. Bezos,

Thank you so much for reading and accepting this humble request. First of all Mr. Bezos, we would like to apologize for insulting you and wasting your most valuable time. Some of us acted irresponsibly towards your representatives during your negotiations with our visionary leaders.

We’ve insulted our own intelligence as new Yorkers. Because we know better and we are better. The Big Apple is indeed the rightful home to Amazon, to your family and to the innovative men and women of Amazon.

In New York as you are well aware, we don’t kill jobs, aspirations, dreams, innovation, leadership, and hard-work; to the contrary, we embrace them, we nurture them and we multiply them. This is why Amazon is a huge plus to New York City.

We are sorry for making the biggest economic mistake in our city’s history. We are truly embarrassed for how a small group of us reacted towards this historic deal made in earnest between our intelligent political leaders and your world-envy company. This regrettable attitude from a small group of New Yorkers is the exact opposite of what New York is - the New York that the world knows, loves and fantasies about every day.

Mr. Bezos, we’ve made a big and regrettable mistake, and we’ve quickly learned from it. Our leaders who knew the importance of having Amazon here in the best and safest big city in the nation are now joined by the overwhelming majority of all New Yorkers in realizing that, according to new polls.

Although there are still a small number of oppositions to this amazing deal, that only reflect the beauty of New York.  New York is diverse and resilient and once you pass the initial Big Apple test like all other New York bounds, the sky is not the limit. Look at us now, 17 years after World Trade Center tragedy.

Mr. Bezos, we honor your achievement. We appreciate your accomplishments. We value your innovativeness. We love Amazon. Most importantly, we are proud as Americans to see Amazon leading the world in innovation and economic growth.

We know for certain Amazon beautifully embodied the New York attributes. And our Children in grade schools who are lacking STEM curricula will immensely benefit from having tours in Amazon facility in New York, in addition to the training and public benefits that Amazon provides.

As the world know, we don’t kick super wealthy out of New York, we create and embrace them. We are dreamers. We run the world through our New York Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers Quotation, American Stock Exchange, the United Nations and with your permission Amazon.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for you and your company and to strongly ask you to reconsider your decision to pull out of New York. It’s a mistake. We made one, but you don’t have to repeat our mistake.  Amazon in New York City is a win, win, win marriage. For there is no place more appropriately suitable for Amazon Headquarters than New York City, the Big Apple, the safest big city and the driver of the global socioeconomic.  Please come home!


Thank you,

New Yorkers For Amazon