Monica Haque a Brand Ambassador

Monica Haque a Brand Ambassador
Monica Haque as a Brand Ambassador

Engaging Monica Haque as a Brand Ambassador of a classy apparel brand in the city of NewYork. In a way the world is becoming more and more beautiful as allowing talent and creativity.

Monica Haque embodies the ethos of ‘Come As You Are’ with her unique, expensive style and fashion sensibility.

Monica Haque proves again that she is a true fashionista. Fashion town’s favorite Joe Corbalis the founder of Westchester Fashion Week threw a grand bash for jingle and mingle in Manhattan on 30th of November 2019, produced by Mark De Alwis.

The owner and founder of the apparel brand Luckner Dompierre has been announced officially that Monica Haque to be the Brand Ambassador of Highly Humble. Monica Haque said,”I am excited to come on board as the Brand Ambassador for Highly Humble a prestigious apparel in the city of NewYork in the United States Of America and I love that this brand Celebrates and Advocates that being strong is beautiful.” Proudly this excited moment hosted by Joe Corbalis.

The Highlight of the night, MONICA HAQUE Super Model come Brand Ambassador looked hot in a pink, one strapless number with bold pink lips and hair colored burgundy.She opted to wear a dazzling outfit as she won the best outfit of the evening as well, everyone at the party left speechless.

Monica’s latest fashion will give you chills. The Parkchester Celeb Monica, the diva sure knows how to keep everyone enchanted.If her Fashion soothe our eyes, the price tag on those will make our eyes pop out.Monica Haque’s wardrobe is probably every fashionista’s follow worthy.
From gorgeous dresses to shimmery,,to classic bags and drool worthy shoes,Monica sure knows how to keep herself hooked every time she steps out of the house even to buy strawberries.
However, her impeccable sartorial choices do come expensive.Monica Haque evidently has an expensive taste for fashion and some of the most sought-after and most expensive brands like shaila mendrano oomph outfit,brenda fuller exclusive,S.K.II,Ra Fashion, richie rich, Gucci, omak Design, gorjess glow, valda rainey collections, madline dazlume outfit and many more that we constantly spot on this gorgeous girl.

Monica’s obsession to dress up is taking everyone to a new level.

Among the attendees were the who’s who of Fashion World ———-Joe Corbalis host of the evening,Luckner Dompierre founder of Highly Humble, Mark De Alwis Producer of the evening, Anthony Ventarola, Phill Harris,Thomas Aguila, James Shing Li,Nick Lion, Jonathan Gentile, Billy Hess, Pablo Lowell, Richard Derrick Sticks, Fernando Bernierd, Shelly Bromfield , Edwin Vazquez, Wendy Stuart,Ana mora,ChimiMari Chimi,Tasha Hellacious, Sarah Elizabeth, Paul Lev-Ary, Dewry Bradford, Pandeli Kay, Anthony Desio, Richie Santa, Sandy Jordan Jordan’s Sands, Ana Paula De Freitas Nascimento,Ronald portnoy, Arely Bonilla, Lizzie Blazquez, Chance Spiessbach, Alex Jacobson, Hartutyun Kujoyan and many more .

As the evening transitions into connecting and empowering people to proclaim and express.
Monica Haque will be the beacon means the light for how some of Highly Humble’s newest 2020 collections can be uniquely styled to suit individual personalities and lifestyle, Showcasing that being yourself, being comfortable and looking stylish are definitely mutually exclusive. 

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Monica Haque as a Brand Ambassador