Opinion | Mainstream Media Are Aiding BokoHaram Insurgency in Nigeria

Opinion | Mainstream Media Are Aiding BokoHaram Insurgency in Nigeria

Some philosophers believe that war doesn't decide who is right, but who is left.

Nowadays, the biased narratives of media reports on counter insurgency in northeastern part of Nigeria are another another forms of cyber terrorism threatening the peaceful coexistence of  the citizens. Obviously, this singular act aids BokoHaram terrorists to enjoy free publicity.

Undoubtedly, most of the media handlers in Nigeria feed on giving incomplete or on-sided reports, especially from BokoHaram angle. In this case, the media I am referring to includes social media, ofcourse.

The Nigerian army has come under intense criticism in recent weeks, following days of  attacks against civilians.

And please don't get me wrong. Criticisms in itself is not bad when justified, but what makes it dangerous though is that the vast majority of criticisms levelled against these patriotic Nigerian military are most times baseless, sentimental and fallacious.

Most reports about the Nigerian army’s handling of the war and calling for a periodic Messiah are politically motivated, as it is obvious that most Nigerians enjoy playing a guerilla GameStop. 

One thing we must all know is that Boko Haram can only look at the cruelty of the criticisms against the military by Nigerians and embolden them further.

The fact that, in most cases, the most acidic criticisms and condemnation against the President are coming from southerners shows that Boko Haram is benefiting from two powerful dynamics: the growing unpopularity and anger among Nigerians against the Buhari administration, and the toxic political climate wherein the ruling party is doing all it can to highlight the success of the military, while opposition camps are using every opportunity to create false narratives of a sucessful Boko Haram and a defeated Nigerian military.

Pathetically speaking, politicizing the security situation without thinking about the consequence is like playing with bomb. Nigerians should put politics aside and consider the security implications of what they are doing. Nigerians in the South not living under a constant threat of being blown into pieces or stepping on landmines should be the ones clamouring for and supporting the military. Unfortunately, many of these Nigerians and some mainstream media houses want the military to fail so that they can say: "We told you so--nothing meaningful is working in the military system."

It is Nigerians who are calling for sanctions against Nigeria under trumped up allegations of genocide against Christians as evident of the brutality of the Nigerian army by a corrupt state. And unfortunately again I feel the Nigerian government has not been doing well enough to critically handle these tool called the media.

This nepotistic criticism coming from "within" is fueling external interference, who indirectly also benefit from these insurgencies.

Of course the massacre of armless civian did take palce, yes. But what these bastardized media platforms failed to report is that BokoHaram terrorists have been technically defeated because it didn’t take long them to abandon its fight with the military and cowardly train its guns against defenceless and innocent Nigerian civilians, irrespective of religious affiliations.

Additiinally, don't also forget that patriotic sensitive Nigerians are not fools: we obviously know that the new kid on the block, termed "bandits" by these same mainstream media are nothing but a hybrid the polical BokoHaram funded by certain powers (within and outside the country) to take the heat off Boko Haram. They've of course been alarmed at the speed at which Boko Haram is being decimated by the Nigerian miltary.

So they figured out that by opening multiple fronts of an already overstretched, Nigeria security will be hard pressed to continue its blistering offensives against Boko Haram if troops have to be diverted to other areas.

The simple truth here is that Boko Haram is no longer a formidable force as it used to be some years back. They're only enjoying mainstream media patronage handled by those who feed on insurgencies in the country.

They have never been brave warriors. They are a cowardly sect whose strategy for survival now depends on hitting those unable to fight back, as they are ideologically receiving supports from  foreign powers for quasi self-determination.

Nigerians should reason carefully and stop this knee jerk reactionary approach towards the Nigerian military, who are tirelessly working days and nights to eliminate terrorism and provide peaceful atmosphere for the populace. Every patriotic Nigerian embraces thinking with their head without sentiments.  

The catalyst of this is that the neighbour next door might be enjoying the show today, but if all hands aren't on deck, we might end up sharing a bed tomorrow in an unknown location.






Ismail Adam

Defense'News Nigeria