Great First Step in the Right Direction

Great First Step in the Right Direction
Ronald Savage, founder of Hip Hop Movement

By Ronald Savege

With the city council vote on November 26th to ban flavored e-cigarettes, former New York State Democratic Committee and owner of the Hip Hop Movement Ron Savage who attended the session said "This is a win in the right direction into saving thousands of lives especially young adults."

Unfortunate with the City Council vote this puts some vapor businesses out of business, says  Ron Savage.  But the bigger picture here is young people, he added. I have a teenage son who out of nowhere started vaporing. I didn't like it but he always used to talk about the different flavors that the E-Cigarettes had. I really believed that vaporizing put his health in danger. I've seen on the news the health issues associated with e-cigarettes. I asked him to stop but of course he didn't because that's the new hip thing for young people. I praise the city council vote because now I'm hoping that this will stop him from wanting to use the E-Cigarettes altogether along with other young adults. I've never seen him smoke a cigarette so I'm hoping that this was a fade and now would be a thing of the past.

I also praise the City Council for not banning menthol to which I advocated for a no Menthol ban. I also have friends that were on the other end of the aisle who were against the City Council banning flavor e-cigarettes and I don't have a problem with that because everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in this case the right opinion won. I take my hat off to those City Council Members who did the right thing and on behalf of the hip hop movement thank you for taking a step in the right direction for the people of the city of New York and potentially saving so many young people's lives.