Fernando Cabrera calls on New Yorkers to support Honduras hurricane victims

Fernando Cabrera calls on New Yorkers to support Honduras hurricane victims
Councilman Fernando Cabrera

Council member Fernando Cabrera has said the devastation and suffering going on in Honduras following a hurricane is terrible and has urged New Yorkers to help out in whichever way they can.

Speaking during the launch of a relief drive for victims of multiple extreme weather events in Honduras at Bronx Community College Friday morning, Dr Cabrera said it was necessary for New Yorkers to step up and help as they understood the sufferings that come with natural disasters like hurricanes.

"We have a terrible situation in Honduras that continues to permeate throughout the country. The airport right now is still shut down. It is getting more and more difficult to have resources getting to Honduras. It is therefore necessary for New York to step up. We were there for Puerto Rico. We have been there for all the hurricane catastrophes that have taken place and all the natural disasters that have plagued this beautiful nation," said Dr. Cabrera 

"This is why starting tomorrow, right here in the Bronx, we are asking the public to come forward, bring clothing, food, water. Imagine if you were to lose everything in one day. So we need everything, whatever you can lay your hands on especially during this Christmas holiday which is about giving. We want to make sure at least the lives of these people affected by hurricanes are normalised. New Yorkers are not strangers to the hurricanes. We need people to come together and show their generosity," he added. 

Dr Cabrera said working in collaboration with the Honduran community, his team was determined to make sure resources reach out to hurricane victims in Honduras. 

"We are grateful to the Bronx Community College for offering its facility to receive donations. We are asking people to simply bring whatever items to the gate, the hall of fame entrance. They don't have to come inside. There is going to be three other sites in Corona where you have a large community of Hondurans but The Bronx Community College will be the main hub for receiving. By next Saturday, working in conjunction with the Honduran consulate, all the items that will be received are expected to be taken straight to Honduras," said Dr Cabrera.

Bronx Community College Provost and Vice President Lester Sandres Rapalo, a Honduran by descent, said the college was pleased to partner with Dr Cabrera and his team to ensure the necessary help gets to Hurricane victims in Honduras.

"Everytime the Latino community in The Bronx goes through a hard time, council member Fernando Cabrera has always stepped up. We are honoured that Bronx Community College is using its facility to receive these donations," said Rapalo.

Supreme Court justice for the State of New York Carmen Valasquez said; "This is the time to help Honduras. We can do it. We together are the best resources. I am pleased that we are stepping up for Honduras." 

Meanwhile, Charito Cisneros who is the president and founder of the Cosmetology and Beauty Chamber of Commerce for the New York hispanic said this was another moment for people to show their support towards Honduras as some people in that country were going hungry.

Honduras was hit by Hurricane Eta in November and two weeks later, another Hurricane Iota struck, displacing thousands of people from their homes. 

The unprecedented double blow came on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had already depleted government resources and left many people unemployed in one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

The official message of appeal from Dr Cabrera and his team for would-be donors reads as follows: “The devastation and human suffering in Honduras compels us to respond with as many resources as we can mobilize.  Our Honduran neighbors are many of the essential workers that kept New York City going in the darkest days of COVID-19, taking risks that allowed others to continue going about their daily lives.  As we face a new surge in coronavirus worldwide, we are coming together to help Hondurans rebuild their lives in the face of this challenge.”