Editorial I Humanity in the Face of the Trending Pandemic

Editorial I  Humanity in the Face of the Trending Pandemic

As coronavirus has flecked homes, companies, organizations and nations, the true colors of human race started evolving. As people lost their jobs and companies are on downward financial trends, every human soul at various socio-economic, religious and political ladders has been demonstrating their divergent perspectives of the term “humanity”.  This, however, hasn’t left a few capitalists to capitalize on this plague to amass wealth, especially from the fraught poor. The virus has actually aided us to know who is who in the area of true humanitarianism.

Politically, real compassionate leaders and people’s representatives surfaced, while the beasts among them too couldn’t hide behind the camera. For example, we have had some politicians who have genuinely come up with substantial relief package and meaningful way out for curbing COVID-19 in their various constituencies. Likewise, we have seen some shrewd and avaricious political figures using this plague to boost their political presence with egocentric and boastful public talks on the screen and hush-hush shady systems of filching from the public purse. These gold-diggers used this “man-made” biological weaponry to boost their bank accounts with their blurry palliative package gathered from the government, and some local and international economically buoyant establishments.

More so, some Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish clerics have also displayed their real picture. We’ve seen the real ones and those on camouflage. The former are actively engaged in offloading financial cargos on their followers by crowd-funding to supply them food stuff and other domestic needs, with transparent delivery network. On a contrast, the latter ones who preach fortunes have gone into recession. Their voodoos or rather spiritual powers have been subdued by Coronavirus. Some Christian miracle evangelists are so shameless and heartless that they even had the gut to ask their impoverished followers to pay tithe while in lockdown or mourning their lost family members or relatives. In the same vein, some of their fellow Muslim clerics are now using this holy month of Ramadan to boost their close allies’ purses.

In the orb of capitalists, the case is funnily pathetic. Even though we have a few of these capitalists who sincerely came out to rescue government and their immediate communities, most people in business have capitalized on the virus to exploit their consumers. This act of exploitation is regrettably rampant among retailers of goods for domestic consumptions. For instance, prices of long term stored goods, like sanitizers, vegetables, grains, soap, and the likes were multiplied. In fact, some so-called philanthropists among these businessmen use the unfortunate situation to establish their presence in the market through media propaganda. Don’t forget that warmongers too are on top of their games – wars in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, to mention but a few haven’t stopped. Additionally, crimes like armed robberies, burglaries and other forms of attacks on the masses on lockdown are on increase, especially in developing communities. Some security officials too, especially in Africa and Asians world, have placed painfully decorated, with marks, bodies of some poor citizens who couldn’t cope with hunger cum mass imprisonment, while some family breadwinners have lost the lives in the course of putting food on the table by all means.

Anyway, we hope to sail through this COVID-19 pandemic soon, so that lives can go back to normalcy.

On behalf of the masses and those infected with the virus, I say a big THANK YOU to genuine humanitarians and activists.  And as for those milking from this catastrophe, the days are definitely numbered – Covid-19 won’t last forever and you too won’t live forever. We shall all be remembered accordingly when we leave this earth and become a history.   


Mutiu Olawuyi