Covid-19: New York records zero death case in 4 months

Covid-19: New York records zero death case in 4 months

New York City health officials have reported no deaths related to coronavirus four months since the state's first official death was recorded on March 11.

The data released by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Saturday July 11, 2020, debunked the rumor that one death was recorded from the virus in New York City on July 11. 

New York has continued to record progress despite the frightening spike in the number of Covid-19 cases U.S. 

It was reported that strong measures put in place by Gov Blasio have prevented Covid-19-related deaths in the city. 

Cuomo stated he offered advice, supplied ventilators, masks, gowns and medicine to states dealing with spikes in cases and hospitalizations and, in some places, rising deaths. 

"Some health care workers are heading to other states to help fight the virus, reciprocating the influx that gave NY hospitals some much-needed relief just months ago," he said. 

He has also ordered travelers from more than a dozen states to quarantine for 14 days, while urging New Yorkers not to let up on wearing masks or social distancing.

“We’re doing everything we can,” he told WAMC radio, but “I can feel it coming.”

As cases spiked in March and April, New York became the nation’s coronavirus nightmare, with New York City at the crux of it. 

Statewide, over 18,000 COVID-19 patients were in hospitals at one point in April. Daily deaths peaked at 799 in April, and have totaled over 24,000.

Now, as states from Florida to Texas to California see new confirmed cases soar, hospitals fill up and daily death tolls hit new records, numbers have dropped precipitously in the tri-state region. New York reported five new deaths statewide Sunday, when hospitals were caring for a total of about 800 coronavirus patients.

While New York has been gradually reopening, it also has been quietly preparing to handle another surge if it comes.

Cuomo said he would order hospitals to have a 90-day supply on hand. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city would build its own reserve of ventilators, protective equipment and coronavirus test kits, identifying local suppliers and manufacturers rather than looking to federal authorities or global markets.

“We’ve learned a tough lesson that we have to create, and we have to protect ourselves,” said de Blasio, a Democrat, who also said the city would stockpile as many as 18 million shelf-stable meals.