Cabrera praises guilty verdict in Chauvin murder trial

Cabrera praises guilty verdict in Chauvin murder trial
Fernando Cabrera

Bronx, NY- In reaction to the jury in the Derrick Chauvin murder trial returning a guilty verdict on all three charges, Council Member Fernando Cabrera has commended the jury for ensuring that the justice was served. 

“The entire world has watched these proceedings, waiting to see whether there would be justice for George Floyd.  Our standing as a nation committed to justice for all, has been challenged by a spate of racially motivated violence and murder that has called attention to unresolved injustice that has been part of our history for centuries," Cabrera said.  

He described the action of the cops that led to the brutal death of Floyd as inhumane.

"I attended George Floyd’s funeral and saw firsthand how the inhumane treatment he received from Officer Chauvin tore Minneapolis and our nation apart.  I commend the jurors in this trial for their steadfast commitment to justice and fairness to George Floyd, his family and our nation,” he concluded.