African leaders in New York meet Common Sense Democratic candidate for governorship race

African leaders in New York meet Common Sense Democratic candidate for governorship race
Congressman Tom Suozzi and his running mate Dianna Reyna

By Mutiu Olawuyi


Some who's who among African leaders in New York have been met, on Monday 21 February, with Congressman Tom Suozzi, the Common Sense Democrat, has who's who among African leaders in New York State to officially introduce his campaign agenda to them and call for their support.

In his remarks, Congressman Suozzi introduced himself as a centrist politician who believes in inclusiveness in governance, public safety, and equitable opportunities for all, regardless of age, religion, sexual orientations, socio-economic and ethno-linguistic background.

“I am running for Governor as a common sense Democrat who has the proven executive experience to get things done," said Tom Suozzi. " As the next Lieutenant Governor, Diana Reyna will partner with me to ensure that New York State government addresses the critical issues of public safety, affordability, and improving our education system."

"I've known Congressman Suozzi for over 2 decades as a man with emulatable track records since he has been in the public space; He has always been a consistent politician voicing for the masses, and, of course, someone who believes in promotion of peace and unity among New Yorkers, despite our socio-cultural and economic differences. Obviously, we can't achieve development where there is systemic discrimination, disunity and violence. He is a true Common Sense Democrat," Dr. George Onuorah, former City Council candidate in Queens, said.

"It's long overdue for New Yorkers to elect a leader with listening ears for all; and not just a selective group of people. If every New Yorker's vote counts, why shouldn't their voice too count?" Gbenga Subair, President of African Democratic Club added. "It's time for change; yes, change from selective and divisive leadership style to all-inclusive and cooperative leadership style. This is what Tom Suozzi and his running mate, Diana Reyna, have promised all New Yorkers if elected as the governor of New York State."

In her remarks, Eunice Ukwani, the organizer of the maiden meeting between African leaders in New York and the governorship candidate, called on all New Yorkers, especially African Immigrants and African-American communities to rally round Congressman Suozzi in this year's primary and general elections.

"I strongly encourage New Yorkers to support and vote for Congressman Tom Suozzi because he has a track record to get the work done. He has all the qualifications and experiences we need to be the next Governor of New York," said Ukwuani, the President of New York Political Coalition (NYPC). "I advise New Yorkers to do their own research about Tom Suozzi. We need a Governor like Tom Suozzi who will join the current Mayor in fighting crime. Our safety comes first in other to stay alive to achieve our goals."

"I appreciate all the African leaders who joined the meeting in numbers today to with the only Common Sense Democratic candidate in the NYS governorship race. You don't know how happy I am to see African leaders coming together as one to show their support. This is the time for African leaders to be actively involved in New York State politics and decision making," she concluded.