A biography of a local Leader with 5 Decades of continued leadership

A biography of a local Leader with 5 Decades of continued leadership
Hon. Sarah M. Alleyne

By Michelle Alleyne

Sarah M. Alleyne is a local Bronx trailblazer known in her community as someone who gets the job and the problem solved to many of the communities’ residents problems. Her endless commitment to her family and community is a story that is worth recognition and honor. In the 1970’s Sarah became a delegate for Local 1199 where she advocated for labor rights and spent numerous years registering people to vote, assisting people in the healthcare field as a  1199 delegate when President Doris Turner was President. Sarah devoted several years using her local political clout helping elected officials and potential candidates get elected and votes on a local and national level, signing petitions, phone banking, flyer distribution and  knocking on doors. This allowed her to become a national delegate underneath Fmr. President Jimmy Carter. She also was assigned to U.S Mexico representative Bill Richardson at the National Democratic Convention where she received a gift of pottery gift from him. Fmr. Wes Candidate Clark also scouted out her local expertise.

Sarah Alleyne would eventually run for Asseblywoman in the 76th Assembly District solely on her funds and community and family support with no major political endorsement in which she came in second place. This did not stop her from continuing being active in her community. Sarah Alleyne served 17 years on the Community Board #9 and was 2nd Vice President. Sarah was the co-founder of Parkchester Police Athletic League , and after school program for a diversity of youth within the district. For over a decade Sarah Alleyne spent countless hours within the Board of Education at the Parkchester Public School 106 in the Parent Association, and the School Advisory Board Leadership Team, making sure that not only her children was receiving quality education but other children who were predominately immigrants, Muslim, Bengali Indians, Latino and Afro-Americans would get quality education they deserve as a Parent Advocate. Sarah Alleyne’s other affiliations included the Westchester United Methodist advisory board, NAACP, Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, State Committee Woman, Coalition of Black Elected Democrats, Bronx County of Women Democratic Association, and the Youth Advisory Council where she went over countless proposals for youth not for profits organizations. Sarah Alleyne also served on the senior board of the Parkchester Pep for Seniors. Effortlessly her advocacy continues today while raising her two 3 sons and cousin.

Crossing racial discrimination and denial within Parkchester was not easy for the acculturated Southern Women landowner in the South. Parkchester had an All White Clause not permitting Black and Non White Persons from living within Leona Hemsley development with later turned to Hemsley and Spear then to Parkchester Preservation Corporation. . The Urban League attorneys in the late 1969 had to step in and legally permit even the free Blacks from being denied access within the 177 building condominium complex. You had to be bold, smart and confident that God would stand on his promises. Now Parkchester in 2020 is an oasis for cultural diverse families coming to America searching for the American Dream. Sarah Alleyne is currently the President of the Parkchester Democratic Club that serves the Parkchester Community and surrounding area. Sarah Alleyne also served on the National Action Network Hunts Point Chapter Crisis Management Vice Chair in which she co-steered the saving of the American Theatre within the Parkchester area which received a lot of media coverage and thousands of signatures. Marshalls eventually bought out the historic site for a department clothing store.

Sarah M. Troy had traveled to Harlem from the South in the 60’s along with the historical acculturation of Afro-Americans to sustain and make a better way for her while the paradigm shift change was taking place under Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Fmr. President Carter and Kennedy. Southern climate change for Afro-Americans where few to none. Sarah Alleyne had to work the farm where she raised chickens, hogs, picked tobacco and cotton and grew peanuts and sugar cane to make syrup. Heading to the North was a tool for advancement and self sustainability of a Southern Promise for her and her children in which she is a survivor. In January 2020 Black, Indian and Women landowners had dwindled to 5 % of the population within the U.S cases which led to the 2003 historic wagon ride to protest the Black Land Loss in which alone went down to 3% within the US led by John Boyd president of the National Black Farmers Association in which she is a member. Sarah Alleyne is also a proud Mother of the Woman 9/11 Rescue Worker who participated in the Ground Zero recovery efforts to protect all Americans on that tragic day on September 2001 and the days ahead. Distinguished Women of September 11th was created to assist women rescue workers with education and outreach.

Hon. Sarah M. Alleyne:  biography of a local Leader with 5 Decades of continued leadership