A $3000 Long Jacket Made Out of 33000 Recycled Soda Can Openers

A $3000 Long Jacket Made Out of 33000 Recycled Soda Can Openers
The $3000 Long Jacket Monica is wearing (in the middle under the balloons) is Made Out of 33000 Recycled Soda Can Openers

This $3000 Long Jacket is made out of 33000 Recycled Soda Can Openers. So it's not only a jacket but also a recycling from Monica at Strong Women’s Community Empowerment.

Strong Women’s Community Empowerment, Inc team Celebrated The Ground Hog Celebration 2019 on 2nd February, 2019 on from 3 p.m. in the afternoon to 11 p.m. at  1891 McGraw Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462.(St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church) Hall located in Bronx in NEWYORK in U.S.A.

They focused on Recycling as well as  The President of SWCE, INC says SKY stands for Smoking Kills You and produces even more global warming this time.The Volunteers wear the dresses made of the soda can opener by Di-Paula. Recycling is very important to balance the Environment.

CELEBRATION started by the National Anthem of The United States Of America and Bangladesh.Program started at 3 p.m. in the afternoon and ended up 11 p.m. 

Chief host of this event was AL-Muqtadir H.M. Rafan, AL-Walid H.Z. Talent and Princess Ibtihaj. Huge Crowd was seen in this Event.

The Celebration presented by the team members and their names are MONICA, Mouj, Niaz, Nilufar Haque, Mohammad Anis, Luckner Dompierre, Valda Rainey, Jessica Jenkins, Nate Moran, Olesya Szlivics, Marina Grigirian, Inca Major-Mendoza,Tiffany Roberts, Keanna Bryant ,Kay Nichole Wallace, Tina Channiel, Lashida Hudson, Gabriel Martinez, Ten Richards, Radhida Goddard, Paula-Gaye McDonald, Madeleine Brown, Knystyle Boughton, Ann Marie thenewme Boughton, Kia Mazyck, Derek Kendall, Maycus Pacha, Halo Andrad, Dolly Kaur, JP Singh, Asam Singh, Brian Lowry, Anna Sousa, Jazmin Torres, Annaly Beatrice, Denny Silva, Patricia Miranda de Souza, Badal, Mariah M, Natalia De Ferrari, Iona Felix Araujo, Aanchal Pahwa Jindal, Edson Rocha Junior, Misael Andrame, Joyti Sahni, Nisha Parikh, Doek Anton, Sergio Delavicci, Junilson, Lennarsha Presood, Amber Laurenwau, Zeon Banegas, Gorgeous Kocey Simons, China Channiel, Terrence Mills, Edwin Albarado, Franzty Face, Naser Akhter, Shujon and many more.

Huge crowd was seen in this event.The vision for this event was no more global disaster.Stop Global Warming by using less gasoline and/or RECYCLING.Save The Earth and Heal The Earth. The Mission for this Celebration was SKY means Smoking kills you,so don’t smoke cause when millions of people smoking at a time then it produces even more global warming.

Margarete  De Paula has been attended this Event all way from Brazil just to educate people literally how to recycle.