2nd Annual Muslims Israel Dialogue Summit

2nd Annual Muslims Israel Dialogue Summit


It is our great honor to cordially invite you to our 2nd Muslims Israel Dialogue Series. Taking place on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM. Regardless of your position (or lack thereof) on the Holy Land issues we’re still honored to have your presence there.

The fact is no current issue directly unites or divides people moreso than the Holy Land affair because over half of the world’s population have some inherent religious, ancestral and other connections to the Holy Land. As a result, no emerging global issue requires more of our collective commitment in resolving now than the continued impasse of Israelis and Palestinians. Blessed Are the Peacemakers… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPqybHfBBkA

As was the case in previous summit, further details are only provided upon RSVP at info@peacedecember.org.

Love is natural. Hate is learned. Peaceful Coexistence must be universal.


Last year post summit press release

New York City, New York- Monday, August 27, 2018 First Muslims Israel Dialogue Summit went down in history as one of the greatest milestones in the quest to harmonize Muslim world and the state of Israel.

The summit conveners expressed heart-felt appreciations to diverse audience of over fifty Muslim and Jewish leaders who had gathered at the Social Hall of 4 West 43 Street, New York, NY 10036 to formally launched ‘Muslims-Israel Dialogue Series’. Obviously this milestone was possible due to decades of very active fellowship, dialogues and interfaith harmonization between Jews and Muslims here and abroad. These interactions have intensified after the World Trade Center tragedy in New York City in September 2001.

The aforementioned dialogues have created an opportunity and this long overdue platform to elevate the conversations to now include acceptance and normalization of Israel as an independent Jewish State- joining its twenty two (22) brethren Arab League nations. “For the sake our beloved Palestinian people’s dignity and a bright, productive future of their children, a long overdue independent and secure Jewish State of Israel that Allah, glory be to His name, has bequeathed to Moses and his folks must become a reality now and not a day later. And with cooperation of Israel’s neighbors, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, a sovereign and prosperous Palestine shall be automatic upon OIC’s full recognition of Israel,” said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, CEO of Muslim Media Corporation, the convener of the summit.

After listening to invited authoritative guest scholars on the subject of Middle East history during the informative presentations, the Holy Land in particular today, summit participants expressed excitement to join the forum conveners’ mission of expanding these ‘Muslims-Israel Dialogue Series throughout the Muslim nations and communities, as well as to insist on including accepting Israel as a Jewish state into all future Muslim/Jews dialogues that they participate in.

According to organizers, upon completing multiple forums in the next several months, a position paper (New York Muslims Israel Declaration) shall be produced reflecting their full recognition of Israel along with a Muslim Youth-oriented harmonization campaign. You can follow their two official hashtags for the latest information pertaining to this campaign: #muslimsisrael #hizbussalam

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